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Grain Dryers

The function of a grain dryer or grain drying system is to reduce the time required from between the crop being mature, and the harvested grain being in storage and ready for market.

We are experts in Grain Dryer technology. No matter what crop you are growing or where you are farming we can provide a solution that will work for you. We provide professional service and installation on a variety of setups including custom-designed permanent installations and portable trailer-mounted models in numerous sizes.

From The Pas, Manitoba to Fort Fraser, B.C we sell and service Farm Fans Grain dryers all across Western Canada.

Why Dry Grain

  • Peace of mind (security)
  • Earlier harvest
  • Wider harvest window
  • Reduce field losses
  • Reduce combine losses
  • Reduce grain spoilage
  • Harvest flexibility (timing)

From simple drying systems with one wet bin and one dry bin set-ups to . . . . . . . . .

Complete flexible multi-bin system designs. At A.R.K. we do it all!!

Farm Fan Grain Dryers

We Define Grain Drying!!



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