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Pneumatic Conveyers


Pneumatic conveying may be defined as a continuous and flexible transporting method for dry bulk particles through a pipeline by either a negative (suction) or a positive (blowing) pressure air stream.

Basically it consists of a tubing system in which a granular product is carried. Suction systems are commonly used for the recovery of products from bulk storage and transferring it to a new location a short distance away. Pressure systems are used when conveying products longer distances. In some cases benefits are gained by using a combination of suction and pressure systems.

  • Conveys products long distances even around corners or across the yard
  • Safe operations with controls at ground level and few moving parts
  • Automatic operation with minimal operator inputs
  • Conveys products to multiple destination at varying line lengths
  • Self cleaning pipeline ( a kernel in is a kernel out)
  • Controlled cushion of air to maintain product quality
  • Ease of inspection with minimal risk of product contamination
  • Future expansion with minimum capital investment
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexible and positive switching of products or storage destinations




The handling of powdered and granular product by pneumatic conveying was first used during the middle of the last century and is still an accepted practice in the majority of the grain and food handling industries.

The successful design of pneumatic conveying systems is largely provisional and owes a great deal to practical experience and empirical design curves and equations. Nevertheless design of pneumatic conveying systems is largely providing answers in the quest to better understand the behavior of air/product suspensions flowing in pipelines. Improvements such as the velocity control mechanisms have added gentleness to the product being conveyed.


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